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SCJ Advantages

When you join the SCJ producer team, you'll have the full support of the latest in technology available in the insurance industry. These time saving, productivity-boosting tools are designed to help you make more of your business! Read about these exciting features offered by SCJ:


Submitting new business applications couldn’t be easier than using SCJ’s AutoApp. You simply bridge from FSC to SCJ AutoApp. Producer maintains the new business file in the office and SCJ sweeps the trust account. And AutoApp applications may be voided thorough our web site. Make AutoApp available to you by selecting Get AutoApp Bridge and start the download.


Logging an application is easy using the SCJ electronic logging system, AutoLog, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please refer to the underwriting guides for more information regarding application logging. 


This peace of mind feature allows you to enter a client's payment through our web site and have your trust account swept for that amount. Your client can come in late in the day, evening, or weekend and you do not have the rush of getting the payment postmarked that same day.


You work hard to build a book of business and SCJ wants to help you retain as many of your policies as possible. AutoBeg is an automated system that calls your client in the evening once their policy has been lapsed for 2 weeks. Your client hears the amount due and the last day to send a payment for reinstatement. The automated caller gives your client your phone number for any questions the insured might have.


All of us put so much effort into writing applications and issuing policies – keeping these policies on the books is everyone’s goal. Wouldn’t it be great if your clients automatically receive PREMIUM REDUCTION AS POINTS AGE? SCJ does just that!

  •  Points are dropped at each renewal as convictions and accidents become 36 months old.
  • The Good Driver Discount is re-evaluated when drivers, experience, license status or points change.
  • Claims are evaluated at each renewal for fault and points.

Prompt Policy Issuance

Prompt renewal billing License No. 0551213
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